The East Anglian Practical was formed by a group of seven classic vehicle enthusiasts during 1988 as they felt that there was not a club catering for the later classics that were becoming popular. The only other local clubs at the time were biased towards pre 1950 vehicles, newer vehicles were often frowned upon.

The first meeting was arranged at the Ufford Crown public house on the old A12, a few miles north of Woodbridge Suffolk. The group of seven each put a few quid in the pot and advertised in the local press, hoping also that it would spread by word of mouth. They even asked the landlord to lay on a few sandwiches 'How many for?' he asked, 'Not a clue', was the answer. The night arrived and the seven were ready, armed with enrolment forms, info sheets and not forgetting the sandwiches. It was not a waste of time, as over seventy interested people of all ages arrived and most signed up there and then - the E.A.P.C was away and running.

For the next few months the meetings were held at the Stratford St Andrew village hall, a very old shed really, but some great friendly nights were enjoyed there. During the club's first summer of 1989, shows and events saw the E.A.P.C Club stand and membership grow.

Like all clubs the E.A.P.C has it's ups and downs and with the help of some very dedicated members over the years, the club has survived to become the largest club of its type in East Anglia with a recorded membership for 2012 of 538 classic vehicle enthusiasts. In 2013 we celebrated the Club's 25th Anniversary.

This is a very brief history of why and when the E.A.P.C was formed, if you require any further information regarding the club's past and present, please contact the chairman or any committee member.